How Do Motorcycle Wrecks Differ From Auto Accidents?

Cases involving motorcycles have some unique issues. Motorcycle accidents often occur because other drivers fail to observe the motorcycle until it is too late. The Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are often more severe because there is no protection for the motorcycle rider. This is particularly true when the rider is ejected from the motorcycle.

If you are injured while riding a motorcycle, there is no PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage for your medical bills. Medical expenses would be covered by your health insurance. This can affect your case if your health insurance is entitled to assert a claim for reimbursement from your recovery.

What Do You Look For In A Viable Motorcycle Accident Case?

Like other accident cases, a successful claim stemming from a motorcycle accident requires proving the liability of the other driver and proving the injuries caused by the accident. Some juries are biased against motorcycle riders so cases where both parties might share the responsibility for the accident can be more risky.

As A Driver And Passenger, Am I Required To Wear A Helmet and Safety Gear? Will This Affect My Case If Either Of Us Was Not Wearing it As Required?

New Jersey has a helmet law, N.J.S.A. 39:3-76.7 that requires both the operator and rider of a motorcycle to wear a protective helmet. If you are injured on a motorcycle and you were not wearing a helmet, the opposing party can use this fact to show that all or at least some of your injuries would not have occurred had you been wearing the required helmet.

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